Corporate interiors.

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KLG Europe.

Interior for the KLG Europe headquarters.
Design of the entrance, offices, kantines, sanitary rooms and the “atrium” a multifunctional space where drivers and personal can stay.
Project in cooperation with Vogels Bouwmanagement.


Interior design for the BAS Trucks client experience and restaurant.
The purpose; offering the visitor the possibility to completely immerse in the world of BAS Trucks.

Interior design for the Wavin HQ.

The office is a high energy environment in a living room style with meeting rooms and ergonomic desk facilities.
The Academy is to inspire and inform international customers and partners.
Project in cooperation with Claessens Erdmann.


World’s largest Mini showroom complete with clothing and life style accessories in the former BMW showroom of Breeman.
Project in samenwerking met Hypsos.