Experience Centers.

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Client experience.

Fully interactive ‘Connected Store’ where the latest developments, proposals and ideas can be shown. In addition, the space will be used to train, test, and create.

House of Sardal Chocolate experience.

Sardal is a new UAE chocolade Brand in development. The Brand will consist of two parts, the actual chocolade brand and a retail experience that will allow consumers to have a ‘Charlie and the Chocolade Factory’ encounter, combining discover and tasting of the product and the values and backround of the Brand.

Project in co-operation with Melle Pama Expo Pavilion Group and Mark Nieuwenhuis NI-O.


At Nedcar the MINI experience begins the tour through the Born factory. Visitors can experience and absorb the brand and the MINI lifestyle.
Project in samenwerking met Hypsos

EURO 2020.

Tailor made hospitality experience for Euro 2020.
12 cities/venues with match specific elements and environments. All based on the new visual identity for Euro 2020.