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Pop-up activation TheRig .

Pop-up activation for an amusement park in the Persian Golf, named TheRig.
Goal is to provide a sneak preview of the possibilities on TheRig
Complete with a 3D VR Ride and a 360 degrees projection space.
In collaboration with Expo Pavilion Group.

Van Gogh museum pop-up.

A travelling pop-up for the Van Gogh Museum. This with the aim of the American public’s awareness of the masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh. Made possible because nine of his world famous works with the so-called Relievo-technique are carried out making this to show in shopping malls.

Johany Jutras pop-up.

Traveling showcase of the work of Johany Jutras, Football League’s official photographer


Shanghai Tang pop-up.

Traveling Pop-up for Shanghai Tang a pioneering ‘Created by Chinese’ luxury brand recognised internationally for its 

authentic craftsmanship and unique designs.